Local Development Scheme Progresses

It has been confirmed that the Mid Devon Local Plan has taken another step closer to adoption. Consultation on the main modifications is scheduled for Jan-Feb 2020, subject to approval at the Cabinet meeting on 21 November and subsequent Full Council committee meeting, and subject to the Council requesting the Inspector to recommend the main modifications to the Mid Devon Local Plan Review.

This means that the Local Development Scheme has been updated as follows:

Local Plan:

  • Consultation: Jan-Feb 2020
  • Adoption: April 2020
  • Review: 2020


  • Draft policies and site options: June 2020
  • Draft Plan Consultation: November 2020
  • Publication (Proposed Submission): February 2022
  • Submission: July 2022
  • Hearings: September 2022
  • Adoption: April 2023

New Local Plan:

  • Issues Consultation: November 2020
  • Draft Plan Consultation: November 2021
  • Publication (Proposed Submission):November 2022
  • Submission: February 2023
  • Hearings: August 2023
  • Adoption: February 2024

Posted on November 13, 2019 in Wessex News

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